Trail Riders of East Kent (TREK)

Trail riders of East Kent (TREK) is a long established Trail riding Club,

we celebrated our Clubs 10 year anniversary in 2013, but the Club itself goes back even further than many of us can actually remember.

The Club was initially formed from a group of friends and then developed into a forum and a none profit making Club over the course of time.
Our aim is to promote “legal Trail riding” to help and educate newcomers to our Hobby/Pastime with information, guidance on the laws and really virtually anything you want to know about Trail Riding, whatever you want to know someone on the forum can usually help with your questions.
Our rights of way staff works with the local authority working together over issues to help keep our Byways open for public use.
As a none profit making club we also make donations to the Kent Air Ambulance, to help keep them in the air.

New forum members are always welcome to join us register today and start chatting.

About the TREK Club


The TREK Web Site hosts two forums, when you register to join the forum you're new account is placed in our "open forum" where you can chat with members, ask any questions you may have about trail riding, or join one of the forum rides.

Once you are established as a forum member you can apply to Join the TREK members Club, our Club fees are only £15.00 for the year.

Once you are a Club member you have access to our own members forum, essentially two forums instead of one. as a Club member you can enter our Club only events which we stage a few times each year and any social events we stage. This year we also had a BBQ with a band which was a great success, and all paid for out of Club funds.

Obviously there are advantages to being a TREK member such as being entitled to enter our Club events and social gatherings. Within the Club, we also plan our own rides and trips further afield such as trips to wales and France.

So if you would like to become involved in our pastime why not sign up? we always welcome new members to the open forum.

We do require forum members to register.

Registration is easy, but pay attention to the questions, they are there to prevent spam bots and unwanted comments, not deter genuine trail riders.